In the coaching process, I provide the impulses that will get your business and employees out of the dead-end.

Executive coaching

Resolving blockages and conflicts. Developing ideas from within.
Finding a solution does not equal taking immediate action. As humans, we function on an emotional level. The mind has its limitations. Strategies are unnecessary. Something new will develop from within itself. And the right path will become apparent with great clarity.

Team coaching

Perceiving each other as enriching one another. Pulling together, leaving aside fierce competition and resentment.
Listening to each other mindfully and sincerely. We all profit from a strong group dynamic that leads to better togetherness. More joy in the things we do together, resulting in smarter solutions and more creative ideas.

My focus areas

  • Reorientation
  • Creativity development
  • Strengthening innovation power
  • Stimulating inspiration
  • Stress management