Do you still have questions? The answer may be right here!

1. Life coach in London, United Kingdom: What’s that?

As a life coach, I help people listen to their gut feeling and find their inner strength. Our mind often makes us smaller than what we are. If you strip the mind of its power and pay more attention to your intuition, life will become worth living again. Our feelings harbor all the knowledge we need to lead an authentic life. A life we long for, without limiting ourselves by expectations.

2. Business coach in London, United Kingdom: What does a business coach do?

As a business coach, I work either with individual executives/employees or teams. In doing so, I take a highly tailor-made approach to coaching, depending on the respective issues or questions. I help people uncover their hidden potentials and creativity. In the various phases of reorientation of a team or company I provide support in finding the right solutions and driving forward ideas.

3. Does a life and business coach guarantee discretion?

It goes without saying that in the life coaching process your privacy and your company’s internal knowledge will be protected at all times.

4. What are the costs for a business coaching?

As requirements differ greatly for every business coaching process, there is no hard and fast answer to this question. Drop me an email about the solutions you are looking for in your company, and I will send you a tailor-made cost estimate.

5. How do I find the right coach?

For a coaching to result in the desired outcome, a relationship of trust should be established between coach and client. First, inform yourself about which methods a coach applies and whether that approach feels right for you. When choosing a coach, pay attention to whether you like them and what their experience level is.

6. How many coaching sessions should I take?

Sometimes a single session will do the trick. Other cases may require more. I will support you according to your needs.

7. Who benefits from life coaching?

Everyone. Whether young or old. My coaching services are for those with or without problems, those who long for a change in their lives. Those who need that extra kick to break out of their shell.